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Say Love To Your Girlfriend! Posted on Nov 23, 2011 at 01:04 AM
Girl: Do you really love me? Boy: Of course I do. Girl: I wanna hear you say it. Boy: I don’t have to. Girl: Why not? Boy: Because… Girl: I just want to hear you say it in words. Boy: I can’t… The girl started to cry softly and said: Then you don’t love me… The two continued to walk in silence. They reached the girls home. Girl: Why? Boy: Do you really want to know? Girl: (hesitantly) Yes. He hugged her gently, kissed the tip of her nose and whispered in her ear, "Because three words are not enough…"
She married for money,Is Wrong Or Right? Posted on Oct 31, 2011 at 07:03 PM
People get married for many reasons. Well, most of us want to get married purely for love. Others try to strike a balance between love and wealth. And some just marry the lavish lifestyle. A friend of mine confided in me about her marriage; finally admitting that she married her husband because she never thought she would ever meet a man who had almost everything she was looking for in man and the money to back it up. She fell in love with the lifestyle she knew the man was going to provide for her. The only problem was that she never felt any chemistry between them. Today, in her third year of marriage, nothing has changed. Just as she had hoped, the man is actually fulfilling the financial part of the relationship; and she has a very comfortable lifestyle. The problem is: she expects more than a good check from her husband. She wants the intimacy (which was scarce even during their heydays), she wants the man to be more sensitive to her needs, she wants the emotional attention women crave for. And her sudden demands for these things are actually affecting their marriage negatively. She feels unappreciated and the dude feels he isn’t good enough for her. After a lot of soul searching, she realized the other day that she got exactly what she wanted out of marriage: The lifestyle. So half-halfheartedly she told me she was gonna have to accept and live with the choices she made earlier. To be honest, I didn’t know what to tell. Yes she made that choice of forfeiting chemistry and emotional connection for money. But is it wrong for her to expect and believe she can get more out of her marriage? All your comments and advice will highly be appreciated.
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Do not say to the woman Posted on Oct 23, 2011 at 08:16 PM
Guys, there are some things you should never just say to women unless you want to get her blood flowing and her wind up in a cemetery all alone. Here is a list of 10 things that you should never say to a woman. 1. I love you during an argument. From a woman’s perspective, you are just trying to shut her up and ignore what she has to say in the argument. 2. What did you do to your hair. Do not insult the hair by any means. Women are crazy about their hair and you will have a bunch of drama heading your way if you even think to make fun of her hairstyle. 3. You are just like your mother. Or if you accuse her of acting like your own mother or even an ex girlfriend, then prepare for even more drama and chaos. If you mentioned your ex, you are going to be accused of thinking about her again, so be careful on how you act during arguments. 4. I don’t care, it’s up to you. This might seem like a nice and innocent phrase to say to a woman, but actually it shows a woman that you have less testosterone. She relies on you to make decisions and is turned off when you let her decide on things. 5. Should you really eat that? Might as well just call her fat. Stay away from this one for obvious reasons. 6. Relax, take it easy! Words like calm down, relax, take it easy, and so on will imply that she is acting psychotic and feel insulted and will produce the opposite results which you expected. If you want her to relax, give her a full body massage instead. 7. You are being too emotional. Of course she is, she is a woman, but you don’t have to tell her that. Keep the observation to yourself. 8. Must be your time of the month. Doh, why did you have to go and say that! Just like saying she is being too emotional, a nice follow up question is inquiring if it is her time of the month. Unless you really do want an extended PMS, save this question to yourself. 9. Do you like me? Can I kiss you? Are you okay? This just calls for a rejection because women can sense you have a fear of rejection. If she likes you, you will know, because if you have to ask the question then chances are she doesn’t like you, so give it time. If you want to kiss her, just do it. 10. Nothing at all. Keeping quiet might seem like a safe option, but women will antagonize you more if you just sit there saying “nothing” or nothing at all. So sorry guys, you gotta say something, but at least make sure it isn’t the previously 9 mentioned phrases. Good luck! Do women really get over emotional when it comes to certain words guys say? Are there things that women should just not ever say to guys? Write your comments below! hah
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Girls, Teach You How To Writing a Great Profile Posted on Oct 21, 2011 at 12:56 AM
OK…the time has come. You have joined an online dating service or two. Now you must write that all-important profile… the one that will attract attention and reel in the man of your dreams… but where to start? Maybe writing isn’t even something you think you do all that well. Even so, you can do this. The first thing is to be absolutely honest about yourself. You are looking for that man who will like…maybe someday love…YOU….THE REAL YOU! Examine past relationships and list the things that you liked and the things you did not like. If he smoked in the house and you hated it, you won’t like it any better the next time. If you love cats and will always want to own one or more, say that you are an animal lover and want indoor pets. Someone who hates cats or is allergic to them is not the guy for you. Accent the things that make you unique. If you play the piano well, you really want Mr. Right to appreciate it. If you run in marathons, a couch potato is not a good match. If you love art, you really don’t want a man who thinks Picasso is an ice cream flavor. Describe the things that are vital in your life. If volunteering is the one thing that makes you feel useful and worthwhile, you want someone who would, at the very least, support you if not join you in your volunteer projects. When you get beyond superficial things, you will attract men who share your values. Invest in your online profile by hiring a professional photographer for your first online picture. This is so important. The picture is the FIRST thing men see. The second thing is that they read what you have written about yourself. Some online dating sites even provide you with a list of photographers in your area that specialize in online dating site photos.
Tell You The Secrets Of Dating With AsianGirl Posted on Oct 10, 2011 at 01:15 AM
Secrets Of Dating Asian Girls is a training program offering a unique perspective to those who are looking to find "love" with Asian girls (this is a growing trend these days!). What's most relevant in this program is the fact that Dean Cortez himself has worked as a translator, international consultant, and inter-racial relationship counselor for companies throughout Asia; Singapore, Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc – so what you get here is as "real" and as "down to the ground" as it gets! If you've ever talked to an Asian girl before, you'll realize how different they are straight away! "Westernized", non-Asian girls are generally more outgoing, spirited & lively... she'll be a tad more "open-minded", proactive and will likely pick up a conversation when it stalls ... she's likely to participate more, touch you more...and generally be EASIER to read. Asian girls on the other hand are not so "straightforward", open-minded and transparent. This program goes straight into everything you need to know about them: what their values, customs and backgrounds are... and how to push their emotional " buttons". There's a section inside that I found to be breath of fresh air – Dean actually asks the reader to "get real", and assess what type of women he is looking for and further assess who he is as a person. It can sometimes be easy for men to just chase after all women without any actual expectations of what they are looking for in mind. Most guys would just chase after any woman that seemed achievable to attract. Don't we? What a waste of time though to pursue a woman that will not really fulfill you in the long-run. By knowing who you are and who you are looking for, you will approach & meet women authentically. Using routines or lines that are not true to who you are or what you stand for will ultimately hurt you in the long-run. Knowing yourself and the women you want will lay the groundwork for you to present the attractive parts of who you are without needing to put on some sort of act. Asian women are attracted to men who can connect with them on a deep level. However, men have to get past their fears and inabilities that get in the way of connecting with a woman they are attracted to. I highly recommend this product. One of *the* best programs for understanding, dating & keeping Asian women in the market. Two thumbs up, it's a definite keeper!
There Are Plenty Of Single Fish Online Waiting Posted on Oct 08, 2011 at 04:32 AM
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