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28 beijing of china girl seeking dating

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1.i am 28,engineer(about virtual studio),from bejing(many generations/all family members), many free time.(one day work,then two days will be off)

2.i want to dating with nice person: kiss,touch....just no real sex, share live and ideas.
i want to have a family if meet right person, marriage for me ,it means have a family,need have responsibility to the family, need honest and care each other......
i enjoy the feeling of reponsibility for family(husband and children).
but i dont want to have any presurre for relationship at the beginning.
if dont have the feeling: want to have responsibility for each other ,then dont need force, just continue dating and keep trying to meet new people.

3.i like swim butterfly stroke,play squash,running,dancing,music.and like know new things, improve myself, healthy food and life style.

seeking friends for exchange knowledge/ languages/experience/thoughts,know more new things,or attend all kinds of activities,volunteer too...

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I want to be your  good friend, I am a unuversity student from china

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you are a very beautiful person and dreams do come true...