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I know and I don't understand

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I know

On the choice of lovers in the most important condition should be like-minded,  moraleducation,  

as an ideal and life interest cardinally identical. Should be the ideal, moral, obligations, organic

combination of education and sex. Normally, the development along the acquaintance feeling is  

good friend - - friends - a friend - lovers, when a clue men become a girl heart anyone can't

replace roles, love can come. But when love a person only exist when the value,they will lose the

independent personality and glamour, also easy to lose by reason of love.Know the love is a

kind of mutual understanding, trust, and is a responsibility and dedication.Understanding

each other is for individuals and build a relaxed and happy atmosphere,  oneself want to

believe yourself worthy of love, others will love you

But i don't understand

Hand is holding  but the heart was gone

Don't love and don't let go.

Using a cheat link each other```````````````