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Sneak-Peak Feature of November 2006

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This is my promo tradational wear of and for Bamboo Charms located in Saint Paul, Minneasota. I look good, would you say? Meaning in a nice way! The Hmong outfit would have to be Hmoob Lian, but recent research of my founding is that I am to be Hmong of the Northeastern Dian; not to sure of what is to be but my guess is that it?s might of been close to Japan than China. Well, I?m on a search and hopefully, I?ll get to see the sun setting on the horizon like I had always dreamt of.

-Evalyn L. BheAanu
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Hello Evalyn I'm new here and I am also from Minnesota you look stunning in your picture love the outfit you have on if you are interested in talking, having another friend write me sometime. Take Care
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ok what can i say i guess i can't find the word maybe i will have to send for a word from heaven to describe you. ok you look good but r u a good person inside that is very important, anyway i am looking for friends and also relationship so you can check out my profile and contact me if u r interested ok
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oh you look so cute ha ha ha make friend with me ok?