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im traped within my mind head illusion im duling wheres my sublime my vision blurred hands agile on verge to feeble in the distance seen evil occupied preceived true though im bleek sustain i reach fourth the fusion the sounds the pollution the grounds sounds alarming my minds traped behind the scars again bare searching for the rare finding fares & tolls holding cancelled scrolls anticipate the factors regains in the chapters i subtract the powder illicite the fluid whoms new within knew my name im new for change been threw been knew as strange with such anger been fourth with danger catapults the stranger to reach deep within the extracted whoms next within my mind hear my distortion vision invaded by the weak here noon today consumed by gray elude today though i step near wheres my brother i endear my sister whom i taught fear my father & his beer my mother & her care must have been i must of then whos to trust when i lust & attend for the factors searched empty i came yet i reigh as though i maintain on the low im bare im there yet im fare thats the price ignites the rage & im the doc whats up on the clock it strikes unstable my mind disabled contrive i revive though im denyed such paths from factors searching for my past & chapters
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Hi! I am new to this site
your a poet indeed
we share the same interest
i pray i found a new friend
shall i hear from you?