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Looking good when dating

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     Many men and women have come to me and asked why they can't find a date. One look at their wardrobe and the answer becomes quite apparent. If you look like a mess nobody will interested in dating you.

Take some pride in what you wear and how you present yourself to the world. Grooming is very important because not only does it make you more attractive to the opposite sex but it also gives you more confidence in your appearance.

Visit any of those free dating websites and you'll discover many people who haven't clue as to proper presentation. They dress like their either trapped in a time-warp or else they wear what their nerdy friend bought them.

When browsing one of those free online dating sites pay special attention to how the people present themselves. Not only do the people that get more dates dressed better but they also exude a certain confidence that attracts people for dating.

Make no mistake, looks matter and does personality but presentation goes a long way.

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