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Do not say to the woman

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Guys, there are some things you should never just say to women unless you want to get her blood flowing and her wind up in a cemetery all alone. Here is a list of 10 things that you should never say to a woman.

1. I love you during an argument. From a woman’s perspective, you are just trying to shut her up and ignore what she has to say in the argument.

2. What did you do to your hair. Do not insult the hair by any means. Women are crazy about their hair and you will have a bunch of drama heading your way if you even think to make fun of her hairstyle.

3. You are just like your mother. Or if you accuse her of acting like your own mother or even an ex girlfriend, then prepare for even more drama and chaos. If you mentioned your ex, you are going to be accused of thinking about her again, so be careful on how you act during arguments.

4. I don’t care, it’s up to you. This might seem like a nice and innocent phrase to say to a woman, but actually it shows a woman that you have less testosterone. She relies on you to make decisions and is turned off when you let her decide on things.

5. Should you really eat that? Might as well just call her fat. Stay away from this one for obvious reasons.

6. Relax, take it easy! Words like calm down, relax, take it easy, and so on will imply that she is acting psychotic and feel insulted and will produce the opposite results which you expected. If you want her to relax, give her a full body massage instead.

7. You are being too emotional. Of course she is, she is a woman, but you don’t have to tell her that. Keep the observation to yourself.

8. Must be your time of the month. Doh, why did you have to go and say that! Just like saying she is being too emotional, a nice follow up question is inquiring if it is her time of the month. Unless you really do want an extended PMS, save this question to yourself.

9. Do you like me? Can I kiss you? Are you okay? This just calls for a rejection because women can sense you have a fear of rejection. If she likes you, you will know, because if you have to ask the question then chances are she doesn’t like you, so give it time. If you want to kiss her, just do it.

10. Nothing at all. Keeping quiet might seem like a safe option, but women will antagonize you more if you just sit there saying “nothing” or nothing at all. So sorry guys, you gotta say something, but at least make sure it isn’t the previously 9 mentioned phrases. Good luck!

Do women really get over emotional when it comes to certain words guys say? Are there things that women should just not ever say to guys? Write your comments below! hah

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