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Tell You The Secrets Of Dating With AsianGirl

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Secrets Of Dating Asian Girls is a training program offering a unique perspective to those who are looking to find "love" with Asian girls (this is a growing trend these days!).

What's most relevant in this program is the fact that Dean Cortez himself has worked as a translator, international consultant, and inter-racial relationship counselor for companies throughout Asia; Singapore, Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc – so what you get here is as "real" and as "down to the ground" as it gets!

If you've ever talked to an Asian girl before, you'll realize how different they are straight away! "Westernized", non-Asian girls are generally more outgoing, spirited & lively... she'll be a tad more "open-minded", proactive and will likely pick up a conversation when it stalls ... she's likely to participate more, touch you more...and generally be EASIER to read.

Asian girls on the other hand are not so "straightforward", open-minded and transparent.

This program goes straight into everything you need to know about them: what their values, customs and backgrounds are... and how to push their emotional " buttons".

There's a section inside that I found to be breath of fresh air – Dean actually asks the reader to "get real", and assess what type of women he is looking for and further assess who he is as a person. It can sometimes be easy for men to just chase after all women without any actual expectations of what they are looking for in mind.

Most guys would just chase after any woman that seemed achievable to attract. Don't we? What a waste of time though to pursue a woman that will not really fulfill you in the long-run.

By knowing who you are and who you are looking for, you will approach & meet women authentically. Using routines or lines that are not true to who you are or what you stand for will ultimately hurt you in the long-run.

Knowing yourself and the women you want will lay the groundwork for you to present the attractive parts of who you are without needing to put on some sort of act. Asian women are attracted to men who can connect with them on a deep level. However, men have to get past their fears and inabilities that get in the way of connecting with a woman they are attracted to.

I highly recommend this product. One of *the* best programs for understanding, dating & keeping Asian women in the market. Two thumbs up, it's a definite keeper!