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In my memory

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Posted on Aug 22, 2006 at 11:06 AM Total posts: 2
What am I looking for here when I am a white ethnicity human? Answer is simple. One year ago I met with a asian girl on my college. She needed one time my help. She didnt know speak still in my language but I find that she is really interesting girl. She met me with more people from the Asia who are studying there. They are my good friends. At the time I decided that I will try a relationship with a one. But no from my friends but from the internet. I wanted to know how is love asian girl. Because I had before only white girlfriends this was for me new experience. I think that asian girls are the girls like other with one difference. They have a bigger meaning for love, understanding and for me they are image of woman tenderness. No only their faces but their acts say all. I was in relationship with asian girl almost 5 months but it was 5 pretty months and I am thankful the girl. It was only internet love but when you really love the human he is in your heart and thats why he is with you. Because real love is in heart. I was in meaning that we will together one time and we believe in this but much things were changing. But I am not human who break. Only one thing from her I will have in my memory. Her image because human cant forget to face of asian girl who made me always smile :D... My heart is just now free... ;)

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