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    It makes me wonder if these pictures that these girls post of themselves are really them. I've gotten so many e-mails of these girls w/ some really hot pics & they all say they wanna meet me then before you know it...they're like telling me that I might be dissapointed if I see them in person. Makes you wonder huh? Well, it makes me think that these girls are just bullshittin' & those pics of themselves are not them. Girls, put some real pics up & don't lie to a guy when you say that it's you in the picture (this one chic sent me a picture of an actress, good god..did she think I was stupid or something?!!). Well, guys & bout you all say what you think about this?
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    i once received a picture of a girl that was interested in me, but the picture wasnt fake just so small and wasnt detail enough, she had introduced herself to be 105lbs 5"8 which is pretty impressive. Later to be 280lbs in person LOL sorry to say i am not a big fan of heavy women, nothing personal but just not my cup of tea nor being mislead.
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    Wow... You're cute!
    Wanna chat? Read my profile and find out how to get a hold of me if your interested.
    "My Profile and Pics are real" and I'm sure yours is real too.
    I would like to think it is a little more than 45% honest people here but... I'm sure your probablly right

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    I agree with you to that subject at about 55 percent; the other 45 percent are pretty honest about what they put up, thus; for those whom does remotely and maturely does are pretty confident and practicule about it.

    _2006Evalyn L. BheAanu
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    I agree mate!

    Oh and an upto date photo!

    Oh and state the right age..... not the fact your WERE 25 back in 1985......