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    Hi, everyone here , who want to find a pen pal here feel free contact me.
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    Rogers. Isn't your town where the Madras Fault runs through ad there was a great quake i the early 1800's that reversed the flow of the Mississippi River for a while? That one was bigger than any California ever had. Same quake caused damage clear to the States of Mississippi and Alabama. Mot like I'm completely safe. I have the great thrust zone off the coast and three faults merge near me. Plus volcanoes that were active 6500 years ago. And I know from studying geology that it takes a good million years for the magma to cool. So it could still burp. Our big one here is now Crater Lake. Second deepest lake in the world next to Baikal in Russia.

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    I'll write to anyone interested. I have quite a bit of knowledge in many things. I have a PhD in Nuclear physics/ Bio-Robotics as well as several or the university degrees on such things as Political Science-Pre Law, histories of the Levant (Mesopotamia), the American West, Mayas, Incas, Mongols and Norse (Viking)
    I graduated from high school as well as a community college on the same day when I was 14. My first Bachelor's Degree at 17 and was addicted to education ever since.

    I am of both Danish Viking and Swiss ancestry myself. My ancestors left Switzerland for America in 1690. My great great great uncle built a little place called Fort Dearborn in Illinois. They now call the place Chicago!

    Born for greatness, but I'm the last of the line.
    The only male survivor since 1839.
    (A two line rhyme. Another talent is bad poetry)

    Might check out the two jokes I told here and see if you could possibly stand talking to someone like me. Oh! They're clean jokes. Suitable mostly to someone kindergarden to 5th grade I would think.

    I am also an accomplished writer. I have written many things for the military, it's contractors, spectral oil analysis, metallurgy, the invention of writing, trade in antiquity. Everything for employment or academia. Never in a bookstore or magazine. I need a Muse to inspire me to write a book. About half the people I know say I should. Any Muses out there, Errata is my favorite. Goddess of Literature.

    BTW, my photo make a great target for darts if you print it out.

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    always looking for friends to pal with
    interested mail me.

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