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    I promise I'm not a frog
    Well, if you have already kissed quite a few frogs, maybe it would work?

    Seriously though all the rust and dents serves proof I have done a few things. Why for one I served in the Army in Viet Nam in 1966 & 7. Oh! it was a terrible tour of duty. Here I was stuck in air conditioned buildings and trailers wile shooting microwave, tropospheric scatter radio and radar beams towards the enemy. Ad it was a terribly long march to the break room where the soda, chip and candy machines were. And after work the PX wanted all my hard earned money by charging the exorbatent price of 10 cents for a can of beer (Lone Star, Hamms and Lucky were 5 cents a can if you could stand it. I liked Michelob and Heineken though). And the terrible dehydrated potatoes, eggs and milk made me resort in setting up my own little kitchen in my NCO room inside a spare double locker. I got real milk and eggs from the Air Force guys next door. They had quite an operation going. Poor Major Dvorak, this sergeant sure gave him a hard time, but I sure laughed about it. That was the beginning of calling me Colonel. 4 year later, I would be a Captain and yes, at age 36, I was wearing those silver eagles.
    Chile, Tahiti, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bolivia, Argentina, Russia. I've been around. Only place I ever saw combat was in Chile ad I was an independent contractor a mercenary for rebels opposed to Penochet. The Army wouldn't put me at risk. I was too valuable to them. A Lt Colonel by the name of Anderson as well as Chief of Staff General Harold K. Johnson are to thank for my rapid rise in the Army. Especially, General Johnson. He would visit and I would be his tour guide. Upon leaving he would say, "Give that man a promotion." A few days later I would be at the tailor shop having new chevrons sewed on.

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    I love that ... "knight in rusty dented armor" ... the visual image it stirred up for me at 5:20am tickled my overactive imagination.

    Oftentimes, what one writes or the manner in which one expresses themselves says so much more than whatever brand of wristwatch you're wearing LOL ...

    so here's my reply ...

    "weary, m'lord? Have you need of my goblins who would restore thine armor to its former glory? methinks mercury hath led you to my elfin grot - I am no princess; only rough, fawn-faced attendant of Queen Mab whose magic now holds emptie place"


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