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    My name is Misha. I am a student at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York.

    I am currently taking a class about people of Asian descent living in the United States. As an independent study stemming from the class, I am trying to reach out to Asian Americans over the Internet and gather information. I am researching ties to tradition that Asian Americans feel and rituals from their homeland they may take part in while living in America. Specifically, I'm researching if Asian Americans choose to wear traditional wedding clothing on their wedding day.

    Please respond if you have or have not worn traditional dress or have strong opinions on it. It would also be extremely helpful for my project to specify one's specific nation of heritage and whether the participant is foreign-born or born in the United States. I also have little knowledge on the actual appearance of the wedding dress. What consists of the traditional clothing worn on one's wedding day, does anyone have pictures they would mind sharing with me? Are there differing opinions based on one's religion?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I do hope you'll share some opinions with me.
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    Not quite on to the exact request but knew a very traditional Chinese family from Taiwan clear back in the 1950's. They wore the same type clothes as other Americans and were also Christians. But where the real tradition played in was when the daughters began dating. The men they dated had to also be Chinese. but one daughter went against that and dated ad then married a Caucasian. For that the family had a funeral for the daughter forever casting her out of their lives. I know she had no contact with her family some 20 years later.

    But on the subject of traditional Asia dress. I believe you will find that it is mainly women from India as well as women from Muslim nations that will continue to dress the way they did. Ad of course the men such as Sikhs and Muslims will often to wear traditional head wear but otherwise have Western dress. With the Muslim women it has everything to do with Islamic beliefs. I am uncertain how that is with women from India.

    I spent several years working in Saudi Arabia. Once there was a huge wedding there. They carpeted three blocks of street around my villa, and of course, I had to leave my truck outside and walk home. But all was good as i was invited to the celebration. That went on for 2 weeks straight. Men in the street celebrating, women out back in the court yard. With traditional Muslim families, after the wedding the wife and husband do not immediately live together. Instead the wife returns to the parents home many times over the next 6 to 12 months, weaning herself from her parents and to her husband. in Islam, it may surprise people but it is the wife who owns the house and contents, not the husband. Westerners think Muslim women are oppressed. Yes, by our standards they are. But in the home, the woman rules, it is outside the home she has few rights. If you happen to have a mosque near you, pay them a visit. Just cover your hair with a scarf, dress modestly and take your shoes off. Don't worry, they won't try to convert you. But they are friendly to any showing interest. You can get a free Qur'an as well. Over 3 years in Saudi Arabia and no one tried to convert me. So you're safe. Islam is a take it or leave it religion. It is not forced. And no, I'm not a Muslim. In fact I am Atheist.

    I commend you for studying other cultures. We Americans seem to lack understanding of other ones.

    A side line. Back when I was in the Army in the 1960's I used to like going to an Amish farmhouse and fake my car had broke down. I would always be invited to dinner as well as a place to spend the night. usually a room in the loft area of the barn. Well, I had this little portable color TV. I would put it on and pretty soon all the Amish would be watching. Sometimes inviting neighbors. And I should add that many Amish do have electricity. Just not to their house. The barn has it though for machinery needed. They are great and friendly people. I also envy that they live about as close to nature and simple lives. Nothing like watching the Amish buggy races either. One thing about the Amish. They left Europe after other Christians took great pleasure in tossing them in rivers and lakes to drown. I am uncertain as to why, but Amish don't swim. They are Anabaptists ad suppose somehow that plays as a reason.

    Any way I can help, let me know. I have a few history degrees in my credentials. History of the Levant (Mesopotamia) History of the Norse, History of Islam, Incas, Mayans, Mongols, England, the American West. Roman Empire. Yep! I think I covered all my history degrees (over half were cos with another subject). I dabbled in a few others. I would like to do more on China and Egypt, maybe Sythians too.

    All school and work made Ron a dull man.

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    What were research results please. Thanks hope college life increases respect for other non Western cultures.
    One American "form" unfair to evolution of other social and intellectual effots.