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    Well, the weather here is cold and raining and snow should soon follow. So, I decided to head to Cozumel Mexico a while to wade things out. Bad thing about traveling solo is I still end up paying for two in the hotel. And with the travel package I have, my plane fare is 50% more because I'm alone.

    Tip of advice if you don't know the language too well in the place you are visiting. I always take a dozen or so translation books with me. I give them to people such as hotel staff and they will huddle in groups learning English. In 3 or 4 days they are speaking English pretty good. It would take me months to learn Spanish.

    I have traveled the world. Been all over Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia., Pacific islands I have eve been to the North Pole and Antarctica. Always alone. You know what I miss most from traveling alone though? Of all the pictures I take, I am never in them. Can't hand the camera to another to take the photo or they will run with it or think it a gift.

    And I have yet to hire a guide or companion. I arrive alone, stay alone and leave alone. But, everywhere i go, I get women knocking on the hotel room door or making offers in the restaurant or bar. If it isn't something other than money that is my attraction I simply forget about it.

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    Cozumel is a cheap trip from the US. Air and Hotel for 5 days and 6 nights is easily found for under $600. Cozumel is a small island in the Carribean a few miles off the Yucatan cost. They rent bicycles and mopeds and you can circle the entire island in about a half hour It is basically a fishing village discovered by tourists. Much nicer and quieter than Cancun.

    Bit of advice, if you visit anywhere in Mexico, bring along a few English-Spanish translation books. Give them to the hotel staff. in a couple days they will know English enough to get by. You'll be doing them a favor as others will tip more. Another good idea is to get an electronic translator from Radio Shack. i have used those for nearly 30 years. English-German-French-Italian-Spanish typically.

    A few cheap wrist watches to give away will make you quite a few friends as well. While my name is Ron, they like to call me Juan. Known as a rocket scientist down there as I worked on the Space Shuttle and have the emblems on my luggage. So Mexican Customs simply waves me through. I enjoy nearly diplomatic privilages. Actually there all a man need do to find a wife is wave their US Passport and say, "Who wants to be an American." But if it's not going to be love, I'm not interested.
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    wonderful! i also like travel, but i have not been abroad..