Do You Make These 7 Mistakes with Women? Romance

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    There are 7 big mistakes that most guys make when they just start out going out with someone new. Look this list over, and then ask yourself if you’ve ever been guilty of any of these.

    The good news is that just by knowing these 7 items, you’re protecting yourself from making these mistakes again. Here we go.

    1. Volunteering negative information about yourself.

    Why is it that we sometimes think that by listing out all our flaws, mistakes, faults and bad habits that a woman will suddenly drop to her knees and thank God that she met us?

    Seriously... keep a lid on the negative stuff about yourself. You don’t need to "make sure" that she can live with your faults.

    Put your best foot forward... always.

    2. Being too concerned with what she thinks of you.

    Okay, we all want to be liked, but obsessing about whether or not she likes you is the wrong way to go about it. Try this instead, and you’ll find that you’ll get much better results with women.

    ASSUME that she likes you a LOT. Yep, that’s right... just assume it. You’ve got to really know that you’re a good catch, and you’ve got something to offer.

    3. Being too "nice".

    Okay, where the heck did all us guys get the idea that we have to be super polite in order for her to like us? I’ve found that quite the opposite is true.

    That doesn’t mean that you should be a jerk, but look... every other guy is falling over themselves to kiss her butt. You’ve got to be different in order to get her to pay attention to you.

    Instead of being a jerk, be willing to bust her chops and make jokes with her. Try it, and you’ll see. I landed my last girlfriend with this very technique.

    4. Needing her to like you or approve of you.

    Look, she’s not going to agree with everything you say, and if she has a mind of her own... she probably won’t like everything you do. So what.

    Be willing to be yourself and STICK to that, even if she challenges you. No... ESPECIALLY if she challenges you.

    5. Talking too much about yourself.

    Have you ever been on a date, and felt like you HAD to keep the conversation going with her, or else she’d get bored and lose interest? I think we all have... me included!

    Believe it or not, silence is okay. In fact, it’s a good thing to shut up once in a while... and just BE there with her.

    Be a listener, not a talker. There’s a reason that God gave you 2 ears and only 1 mouth. Remember this mantra: Listening gets me laid... listening gets me laid... listening gets..... okay I’m being silly. Try it.

    6. Not being truthful about your desires.

    Look, there are PLENTY of women who are more than happy to just have a casual relationship with you. But don’t bullshit women by telling them that you’re really interested in settling down into a long term relationship if you’re really not.

    Really... it’s bad news, and will not help you get laid at ALL. Be honest about what you’re after, but learn how to communicate it in a way that is attractive to her.

    7. Being too agreeable.

    Nobody wants to date someone who’s JUST like them. If you ARE dating someone who’s just like you, then one of you is not necessary in the relationship. :)

    Be willing to disagree with her, and even make fun of her for thinking the way she does (but in a playful way). Celebrate your differences, don’t hide them.

    Be willing to challenge her, also to let her challenge you. We grow by relating to people who are different than us, and trying on their thoughts and ideas to see if it works better than your current one.

    Don’t be a "YES man". Hold true to what you think, and you’ll be a lot closer to getting her naked than you’ll be if you agree with everything she says.

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 24, 2011 at 12:32 AM

    Say winnicheng, wonder if you can help on this one. The conversation thing. How can I get a gate to talk more about herself? it seems they say a few words and stop and I'm interested I what they have done and think.

    Well, as far as arguments go, I will let any woman I know for a few dates know how to win. Simply smile and give me a kiss and say, "You lose!" I like losing. Life would be so dull if I won all the time.

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