5 Tips on Increasing Confidence When Approaching Women Romance

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    Approaching members of the opposite sex can be challenging to a lot of men. This article gives some advice on how to increase your confidence when interacting with women.

    1. Deal With Your Fear.

    Acknowledge that what you’re about to do isn’t mission impossible. You meet new women and talk to them every day, whether it is someone at work or even just the girl on the till in Tesco’s.

    The problem isn’t what you’re about to do, it’s how you see it. Overcoming shyness is all about understanding that the problem lies within your head.

    2. Make Sure You Look Good.

    This one is pretty self explanatory. Whether you buy a new suit, get a haircut or indulge in some new aftershave, if you look good, you feel good. The better you look the more confident you will feel, and this will show through to whoever it is you are trying to approach.

    Confidence is sexy so just this simple point could be the step towards getting the girl.

    3. Imagine the Worst That Could Happen.

    To nearly all men, this would be the woman yelling at them or making them look stupid in front of the rest of the room. Now take a minute and think about it logically, realize that this is extremely unlikely to happen unless you either approach them at a bad time, or if you approach them with a horrifically cheesy chat up line or something equally as bad. This only leaves the very rare, completely random bad reaction that could happen to any man.

    Letting this kind of fear stop you from approaching a woman you like is just as stupid as never crossing the road again for fear you may get hit by a bus.

    4. Have Something Interesting to Say.

    Relaying your day to day life with details on how often you feed your cat or what you had for breakfast are not good conversation topics. Make sure you have always got something interesting to say in order to keep the conversation flowing.

    5. Seek Hypnosis.

    If the above doesn’t work for you there are other routes to go down. Many people nowadays are turning to hypnotherapy. This practice helps to address what it is that’s causing the low self confidence and tells you what needs be done in order to turn it around.

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    Here is an additional thing. When you approach a woman for the first time, approach directly from the frond, if you approach from behind or the side a woman will have a first impression of you being threatening ad sneaky. I learned that when taking psychology.

    But I will also add that if a man approaches another man never do it head on or he will consider you a threat and as though you are challenging him. Approach from side is best.

    Your first 15 seconds of meeting a person will doom you or make the connection.

    You might want to pick up a book on body language. I can offer these additional tips to men. Keep your hands out of your pockets as well as your belt. Don't arch your back. If sitting, do not cross your legs or slouch. Do not cross your hands or make a fist. Use your hands when talking to show some expression. Make eye contact and don't look down.

    I have a problem on the confidence. I have way too much. Not regarding approaching a woman, I just have too much and people tend to be afraid of me because of it. Every fear I ever had I cured by facing it head on. Like I was once afraid of heights. So I forced myself to go to the very edge of cliffs, building roofs and bridges. The I went parachuting or parasailing. I'll tell you what. I am still afraid if I 12 feet up a ladder but 30 feet or more up I am fearless. I have walked after midnight, alone in drug and gang infested neighborhoods. And gang members would look at me hard but step out of my way. I am intimidated by no one. When I was little I was small for my age and sickly. I got tired of being pushed around or beat up. So, I made myself tough. And after age 9 never again lost a fight even against as many as 8. I found if I took out the leader in a group, the others would scatter. In martial arts, there is sometimes the statement, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." But, I discovered different. The bigger they are , the weaker and slower and more awkward they are. The size is all simply bluff. And when I was in the Army it was always the biggest and toughest acting that would faint at the sight of blood.
    I will add that I fought 17 fights as a Super middleweight Boxer. I won every fight by TKO in the 4th round in under a minute. I could have won every fight in the first round but spectators wouldn't have been happy. You may notice in my photo though. I believe my nose was broken 6 times. But that only made me madder. (All my teeth are intact and in place though)

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