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    Dating a foreign woman can be an exciting experience and different than what you are used to. There are differences in habits, cultural expectations, and tastes that can spice up your dating life. The many differences between cultures, however, can also cause at times some awkwardness and even tension. Here are a few tips to be aware of if you are going out to date with a woman from a foreign country.

    Find a foreign date in the right environment. There are many dating agencies that even specialize in a certain ethnicity or nationality all over the Internet. Do a Web search and you might even be able to find some social events. If the Internet isn’t your thing, you might be better off finding some cultural events in your town or county and check them out.

    Speak in the language of love, meaning use eye contact. Love is best spoken through our eyes, no matter what language barriers exist. If you use your eyes when communicating with her you will seem confident and interested in her without having to speak her native language.

    Keep conversations balance between culture and personal talks. You don’t want to change the date into a cultural exchange program but on the other hand you don’t want to seem ignorant. Conversations will naturally be about the differences and similarities between your cultures, but try to also ask personal questions and talk to her about her likes and dislikes.

    Have an open mind and be a bit liberal. Remember, you are also a foreigner in her eyes, so if you haven’t brushed up on her cultural etiquette before hand, then try to have an open mind when she gives you four cheek kisses when you first meet. You don’t want to come off as ignorant and wind up in a culture shock. However, the best way to cover up any awkward or tense moments is to just admit that it was a cultural misunderstanding.

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    helo i am from mexico, baja california, mexicali, here is asian girl who can have a date?