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    What’s your ideal ‘type’?

    First things first, let’s get out of the idea of “types”. People shouldn’t be pigeonholed into typical stereotypes, “Intellectual” “Bad boy” “Nice guy”, etc.

    There are two problems with this kind of ‘types’ approach to dating:
    1) No-one fits perfectly into these stereotypes
    2) The principles of attraction don’t vary according to personality type

    Allow me to elaborate on the second point. Though of course men have very different tastes and preferences, the kind of principles and behaviours that ultimately attract them to women for the long term don’t vary according to his personality.

    On a superficial level, guys will say they like skinny girls, blondes, or girls who dress a certain way, but we all know people who say their type over and over again, only to then end up with someone completely different.

    Why? – Because what people logically say they want doesn’t always match up with what they emotionally want.
    So what do I mean by ‘type’ then?

    When we talk about finding your type of guy what we really mean is: What values/qualities are you looking for in a man?
    What traits would your ideal man have?

    For some women it’s important to have an athletic man. Others stress the fact that he must be intellectual, and then others want a guy who is very ambitious and career-driven.

    These things are qualities. They are attributes that you see as important, and there are certain things that men will do that reveal these qualities. For example, for women who want a more cultured or intellectual man it might be important that he reads novels or enjoys visiting an art gallery.
    How to Find These Guys

    There is one simple question that I always like to ask women on my seminars; what would your ideal guy be doing on a Sunday morning? Would he be going for a run in the park? Would he be in an intimate café somewhere relaxing?

    This is such a powerful question to ask, because all of a sudden you have the realization that in order to find your ideal guy you just need to know what he would be doing. It’s really that simple! So if it’s an art gallery, go there. If he’s going to be in the library, go there. If he’ll be doing an early morning workout; go there!

    And let me know when you’ve found him ;)

    To your love life,
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    you are right!